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The Neighbourhood - St. John's Community Online

Welcome to St John's online community... 'The Neighbourhood'. We hope that you will be able to get better connected by using the tools provided here. To begin utilising these tools please login and take a moment to update your profile information. 

When you log-in as a user of The Neighbourhood, St John’s Community Online you are agreeing to our Acceptable Use Policy below.

-      I will only use The Neighbourhood for St John’s centric use and not to promote myself or any outside business, ministry, organisation or group – unless approved by The Senior Minister. The scope of this includes the content of photos, files and messages.
-      I will protect the privacy of members by not giving their phone number or other details to any third party.
-      Communication initiated within The Neighbourhood must uphold biblical standards of speech and conduct. Unacceptable examples include:

  • Sharing jokes, stories, petitions, forwards etc. or seeking unsolicited information from The Neighbourhood users. (Avoid anything which may be unwelcome or could be regarded as causing a nuisance)
  • Posting files that are unrelated to St John’s
  • Speaking poorly of other people, groups, churches or organizations

-      Members who engage in discussions must be discerning about what they publicaly share online. Whilst we encourage helpful communication to inform our prayers, sensitive issues relating to eg. people’s private or business lives, health, employment opportunities, or family relationships should be kept to share appropriately in face-to-face relationships, particularly small group gatherings – not on-line. Use the Online Community with care.
-      Do not share your Password with anyone. If you forget your password, you can request a reminder by clicking on ‘Forgot Password?’ under the Login section.
-      Adhere to and respect Copyright Laws. Every item available on The Neighbourhood may only be used for its originally intended purpose, unless prior specific permission is obtained from all copyright holders, including St John’s Anglican, for its re-use.
-      Report to office@stjohnscathedral.org.au any:

  • Abuses of the above standards that you become aware of
  • Concerns over privacy or other personal settings that you would like to clarify.

 Violations of this policy will result in immediate blocked access to The Neighbourhood, St John’s Community Online.
A copy of the St John’s Anglican Cathedral’s Privacy Policy is available on our website http://www.stjohnscathedral.org.au/links/ For more information about Australian privacy laws visit www.privacy.gov.au